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Resorts and Water Reuse for Irrigation

Resorts, both on Island and non-island locations, utilize significant volumes of freshwater to irrigate landscaping, golf courses, and maintain water levels in ponds and other waterways.   Water for irrigation is typically directly procured from the local municipality which can be cost prohibitive but necessary to maintain the amenities provided by the resort.  

Grey water is another option, as it is becoming more common to reuse existing wastewater from the resort.  Typically resort wastewater is collected in a collection pond, tank or third party system and is treated onsite before being reused as grey water for irrigation.  Onsite treatment systems are very expensive and difficult to operate.  Systems fail, and depending on the type of system, the monthly maintenance can be very high.

IMET® technology can be used with existing treatment systems or it can be used as a cost effective stand alone technology to provide affordable, low maintenance grey water for reuse as irrigation or wash water.

Retrofitting Existing Systems:

  • Increase capacity

  • Decrease energy consumption

  • Minimize bio-sludge production

  • Eliminate odor issues

  • Significantly reduce maintenance costs

The IMET® Stand Alone Grey Water Reuse System

  • Provide affordable grey water for irrigation and wash water

  • Minimal bio-sludge production

  • Minimal energy consumption (50% less than traditional wastewater treatment systems)

  • Meet all NPDES or its equivalent discharge standards

  • No odor

  • Minimal Maintenance

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