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Extended Applications:

The IMET® Technology can be applied in a diverse array of Markets.  Please contact us  if you see a fit for your needs:











Septic Tanks


Fish Farms




Pump Stations


Grease Traps


Swash Streams


Golf Courses





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Grease Interceptor Inspection at World Class Resort in Hawaii
Major Chain Restaurant Grease Interceptor Installation in Cleveland, Ohio
IMET® reactor reduces COD from 365 ppm to 5 ppm in 2 tank system
IMET® reactors installed to reduce odor, Reduce FOG buildup, and decrease maintenance costs at City Liftstation
Basic Maintenance Instruction for IMET® reactor
12 Hours After Installation in Grease Interceptor at World Class Resort in Hawaii
Elbow Beach Resort, Bermuda:  Installation at onsite Wastewater Treatment Plant, Grease Interceptor and Lift Station
IMET® reactor eliminates odor, FOG build up and seeds microorganisms in downstream lines leading to grease interceptor
Closer Look at System Operating at Major Chain Restaurant Grease Interceptor
Small scale demonstration of how IMET technology cleans a septic system.