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Resort Grease Interceptor: IMET® installed outside of main kitchen at World class hotel and casino in Aruba,
Resort Lift Station: Installation at World Class Resort in Hawai
Community Septic System: IMET® reactor reduces COD from 365 ppm to 5 ppm in 2 tank system
Kitchen Grease Trap: IMET® module installed inside kitchen floor to eliminate FOG build up and clean downstream lines.
Resort Grease Interceptor: 12 Hours After Installation at World Class Resort in Hawaii
Restaurant Grease Interceptor: Closer Look at System Operating at Major Chain Restaurant
Resort Grease Interceptor: Inspection at World Class Resort in Hawaii
Restaurant Grease Interceptor: Major Chain restaurant installation in Cleveland, Ohio
City Lift Station: IMET® modules installed in large city in Ohio to combat grease build up, and decrease pumping frequency
Resort Wastewater Treatment Plant and Grease Interceptor: Large Resort, Bermuda
City WWTP Lift Station: IMET® modules installed in onsite lift station at city wastewater treatment plant to reduce FOG
IMET Module Installation Video
Easy installation with minimal tools and equipment required
IMET Grease Trap Installation
Pre-treating FOG in a grease trap to minimize odor, grease build-up, pumping.  Seeding downstream line
City Park Pit Toilet: IMET® modules installed in onsite pit toilet to eliminate odor issues and continually treat onsite wastewater
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