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Grease Interceptor Installation.
IMET® installed at nations premier environmental education camp in Maine
IMET Module Installation Video
Easy installation with minimal tools and equipment required
City Park Pit Toilet: IMET® modules installed in onsite pit toilet to eliminate odor issues and continually treat onsite wastewater
Resort Grease Interceptor: IMET® installed outside of main kitchen at World class hotel and casino in Aruba,
Community Septic System: IMET® reactor reduces COD from 365 ppm to 5 ppm in 2 tank system
Resort Grease Interceptor: 12 Hours After Installation at World Class Resort in Hawaii
Restaurant Grease Interceptor: Closer Look at System Operating at Major Chain Restaurant
Resort Grease Interceptor: Inspection at World Class Resort in Hawaii
Restaurant Grease Interceptor: Major Chain restaurant installation in Cleveland, Ohio
Kitchen Grease Trap: IMET® module installed inside kitchen floor to eliminate FOG build up and clean downstream lines.
City Lift Station: IMET® modules installed in large city in Ohio to combat grease build up, and decrease pumping frequency
Resort Wastewater Treatment Plant and Grease Interceptor: Large Resort, Bermuda
IMET Grease Trap Installation
Pre-treating FOG in a grease trap to minimize odor, grease build-up, pumping.  Seeding downstream line
City WWTP Lift Station: IMET® modules installed in onsite lift station at city wastewater treatment plant to reduce FOG
City Park Pit Toilet: IMET® - Sludge judge test of IMET system in operation for 1 year - with no pumping 
Resort Lift Station: Installation at World Class Resort in Hawai
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