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Lift Stations


Lift Station Modules

IMET® Lift Station Module (LSM), when installed in the existing lift station infrastructure creates a nearly 100% aerobic environment. Anaerobes become dormant, and the lift station becomes aerobic. Aerobes produce odorless CO2, SO2, NO2, NO3, and H2O, eliminating bad odors previously produced by anaerobic microorganisms. Additionally, the large surface area in the LSMs grow significant populations of bio-diverse micro-organisms that partially consume the dissolved bio-waste in the wastewater. Floating bio-solids are significantly reduced, and the need for pumping is minimized or eliminated.

Key Benefits:

  • Nearly 100% aerobic system

  • Efficient energy usage

  • Eliminates bad odors (H2S)

  • Minimizes floating grease

  • Continuous inoculation of adapted aerobic microorganisms into downstream sewer lines

  • Maintains lines free of grease buildup

  • Minimizes or eliminates jetting and pumping

  • Seeds aerobic microorganisms to WWTP 

The IMET® technology is a modular design that is able to fit any new or existing system. IMET Corporation offers customers a solution to meet individual client requirements. The IMET® “drop in” technology is designed to create a nearly 100% aerobic environment in a lift station that allows for fast, lasting results.

The IMET® technology provides superior surface area that allows large, diverse populations of micro-organisms to grow and remain in the IMET® module. Coupled with superior aeration, and a design that utilizes aeration efficiently, the IMET® technology requires less air to achieve maximum results.

LSM System:

  • LSM.M or LSM.L standard size (custom sizing available for non standard installations)

  • 100-250 watt air pump 

  • Stainless steel housing (if necessary)

Installed directly into Lift Station water body


Before LSM    

IMG_6287 Salem 130715 initial Grease Well.jpg

Before LSM    


Before LSM    


After LSM    

IMG_6677 Salem 130814 12hr-Clean-out Cycle.jpg

After LSM    


After LSM

Municipal Liftstation Installation

Resort Liftstation Installation

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