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Resorts and Restaurants

Access to fresh water is a necessity for resorts, hotels and restaurants to provide guests with basic daily needs while also providing entertainment like swimming pools, golf courses, ponds etc.  In island communities access to fresh water can be more difficult and costly due to geographical limitations.  Equally as important to having access to fresh water, is handling wastewater.  


Grease interceptors for example, are essential components to discharging Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) from restaurants to the treatment plant or collection pond on the Island, but they typically cause odor issues, have high pumping costs, require downstream lines to be jetted and are a nuisance to maintain without guests and patrons being affected.

Island resorts often have grease interceptors at oceanfront and poolside tiki bars and restaurants that are exceptionally difficult to maintain.  There is never a good time of day or night to bring in pump truck hoses across the pool area to jet or pump out an interceptor, not to mention the noise and smell that disrupts guest experiences.

Onsite lift stations provide similar challenges as they often require costly pumping and create foul odors as well.

IMET® Technology  was specifically designed with these challenges in mind.  

The IMET® technology is designed to be dropped directly into your existing infrastructure. Once installed, the technology utilizes aerobic micro-organisms in its patented reactor design to pre-treat or treat FOG and wastewater from the kitchen as well as black water.

IMET® GIM accelerates the biological degradation of fats, oil and grease (FOG) in grease interceptors and seeds discharge water to enable degradation of FOG to maintain free-flowing lines eliminating the chance for grease balls or sewage balls to form down stream. 


FOG represents the majority of problems experienced in wastewater generated by commercial facilities such as hotels, restaurants, bakeries, food processors, and poultry and animal farms.

  •  By chopping up the complex FOG carbon chains, IMET® GIM is able to effectively pretreat grease interceptor wastewater

  •  When given longer residence time, IMET®  GIM significantly reduces FOG, BOD, and TSS levels leading to wastewater treatment plant or collection pond

Before IMET® GIM
Inspection of Grease Interceptor at resort in Maui, Hawaii before installation of IMET® GIM

Key Benefits:

  • Accelerates the biological degradation of FOG in grease interceptor, minimizing pumping frequency

  • Eliminates the need for adding microbes or enzymes via pump

  • Continuous inoculation of adapted aerobic microorganisms into downstream sewer lines, minimizing line jetting frequency

  • Significant reduction in corrosion in sewer lines and grease interceptor, minimizing frequency in which lines need to be replaced

  • Significant reduction of odor, minimizing guest and patron complaints

Video of IMET® GIM 12 hours after Installation at Resort in Hawaii

Lift Station Questionnaire

Grease Interceptor Questionnaire

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