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We are actively looking for qualified installers and dealers interested in bringing IMET® superior wastewater treatment technology to the marketplace  

IMET Delivers:​

  • NSF/ANSI 40 and 245 certified technology

  • Superior wastewater treatment technology for remediation, new installation and commercial wastewater treatment

  • Remediation: Recover client failing or failed septic tank and/or leach field economically

    • "drop in" IMET® to existing septic tank​

  • Dedicated technology team to assist with any installation

  • Installation and maintenance training 

  • Easy to install system

Installer Company Profile:

  • Significant experience and qualification, licensing and certifications in plumbing, excavation, systems installation

  • Strong drive and experience in the field of residential wastewater

  • Strong understanding of new and aging systems in residential wastewater market 

  • Strong understanding of maintaining and operating residential wastewater systems

Thanks for submitting!

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