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Residential Septic Remediation

Septic Remediation Modules

Installed directly into septic tank water bodies

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Leachfield Before IMET Reactor 1.jpg
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IMET® Septic Remediation Modules (SRM) are inserted into existing septic tanks 
IMET® modules house extremely large and diverse aerobic microbial populations within the pore structures of the multi-media in its fixed bed. In addition, air bubbles are entrapped within the multi-media. As a result, an aerobic environment within the septic tank is sustained at all times.  The result of installing IMET® technology will achieve very low effluent BOD and TSS concentrations while eliminating odor related to H2S formation.   SRMs can be also expanded to significantly minimize Total Nitrogen when it is required.  Aerobic microorganisms from SRM continuously seed the effluent, therefore also remediating failing leach fields.
Key Benefits:
  • Performance – Drop-in modular system, eliminates odor, rejuvenates failing septic system and leach field (sand pit/mound where applicable) at all times while requiring only trash clean up as needed with next to no system maintenance.   

  • Efficiency - Economically very feasible system using extremely short residence times and minimal energy for aeration resulting in markedly low BOD and TSS at all times while seeding drain field with active aerobic microorganisms.

  • Versatility – Proven to treat wastewater when hydraulic load exceeds septic system design capacity, during high loads of fats oils and grease (FOG), and in the case of accidental addition of toxic chemicals.

  • Flexibility – Applied to any type or condition of septic systems regardless of size, design and number of tanks.

  • Installation– IMET system has two simple components, module(s) placed in septic tank and air pump(s) with minimal power requirement.

The IMET® technology provides superior surface area that allows large, diverse populations of micro-organisms to grow and remain in the IMET® module. Coupled with superior aeration, and a design that utilizes aeration efficiently, the IMET® technology requires less air to achieve maximum results.

SRM System:
  • SRM for standard designed septic tank, custom sizing available to meet unique septic tank specifications
  • 100 - 250 watt air pump
  • Pump housing available if necessary ( stainless steel, plastic, fiberglass)
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