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Wastewater Treatment Plants 


 Treatment Plant Modules

Installed directly into WTTP water bodies

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IMET® Treatment Plant Modules (TPM) can be used as stand-alone treatment systems or can be inserted into existing wastewater treatment plant infrastructure. TPMs will increase capacity of existing systems while also eliminating odor issues and providing significant energy savings. TPMs treat biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia (NH3), nitrate (NO3), and nitrite (NO2) in low and high strength wastewaters.  

The quality of the TPM treated wastewater enables reuse for irrigation and wash water, following disinfection by a UV unit or other disinfection treatments.  

Key Benefits:

  • High surface area multi-media to sustain high concentrations and high diversity of microbial systems

  • Proprietary aeration design enables highly energy efficient operation: minimal H2S odor

  • Extremely low total suspended solids in discharge

  • Space-efficient, modular treatment units

  • Resistant to toxic shock

  • Resistant to pH and temperature variations

  • No loss of service

  • Reduced retention times

  • Highly efficient digestion of COD and BOD

The IMET® technology is a modular design that is able to fit any new or existing system. IMET Corporation offers customers a solution to meet individual client requirements. The IMET® “drop in” technology is designed to create a nearly 100% aerobic environment in a treatment plant that allows for fast, lasting results.

The IMET® technology provides superior surface area that allows large, diverse populations of micro-organisms to grow and remain in the IMET® module. Coupled with superior aeration, and a design that utilizes aeration efficiently, the IMET® technology requires less air to achieve maximum results.

TPM System:

  • Modules sized to meet WWTP specifications and requirements

  • 80-250 watts per module

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