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Vault Toilets

Eliminates H2S Odor

Minimizes Biosolids Pumping

Vault Toilet Modules

Installed directly into vault toilet tank water bodies

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IMET® aerated biological Vault Toilet Module (VTM) creates a near 100% aerobic environment in the vault toilet.  VTM systems eliminate odor and continually consume dissolved bio-solids in the tank,  significantly reducing the pumping requirement of bio-solids from vault toilet.

VTM systems use minimal energy and can be directly connected to an on-site electrical source or can be connected to solar power for applications that are off grid. ​
IMET® VTM systems do not use any chemicals.

Key Benefits:

  • Elimination of H2S odors

  • Sustained biological treatment of bio-solids

  • Minimize pump truck pumping of bio-solids

  • Deployable both on and off grid

  • Easy to install

  • Minimal maintenance

  • Adaptable to any size tank

  • Retrofit to existing system

  • Green Infrastructure

The IMET® technology is a modular design that is able to fit any new or existing system. IMET Corporation offers customers a solution to meet individual client requirements. The IMET® “drop in” technology is designed to create a nearly 100% aerobic environment in a vault toilet that allows for fast, lasting results.

The IMET® technology provides superior surface area that allows large, diverse populations of micro-organisms to grow and remain in the IMET® module. Coupled with superior aeration, and a design that utilizes aeration efficiently, the IMET® technology requires less air to achieve maximum results.

VTM System:

  • VTM.2 standard size, with custom sizing available

  • 80-250 watt air pump

  • Stainless steel housing (if necessary)

  • Solar options available

Cleveland Metroparks looks to banish bad bathrooms smells with magic bubblers in vault toilets.jpg

IMET Vault Toilet Installation and Visual Results

Vault Toilet Sludge Judge Test One Year after IMET VTM 

Before IMET Vault Toilet Modules

Before IMET installed into tank.jpg

After IMET Vault Toilet Modules

aeration after installation.jpg

IMET VTMs can be installed in Vault Toilets in: National Parks, Metroparks, Public Parks, Camps, Zoos, Private Parks, Cabins, Homes, Rest Areas and more....

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