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          NSF/ANSI 40 and 245 Certified
Residential Wastewater Treatment System

IMET Model Series -Residential Septic Modules

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The IMET Series System utilizes a patented process of Aerobic Microbial Digestion of soluble organics for a highly effective and efficient remediation of residential wastewater.  IMET technology utilizes its design and the highly diverse and large population of aerobic micro-organisms within the module(s) to treat the wastewater, significantly reducing BOD, TSS and Total Nitrogen in the water body. Residence time is important in the treatment process as it enables the diverse population of aerobic micro-organisms within the IMET module(s) to remain in contact with the dissolved organic waste.  

The high surface area of the media within each module provides residence to a large population of diverse micro-organisms, which limits the growth of suspended micro-organisms outside the module. Therefore, during times of system shock 
(introduction of disinfectant etc.), the microbial population does not wash out.  Additionally, during times of famine the mod-ules adjusts to meet the decreased levels of dissolved organic waste available for consumption.  

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