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IMET® Residential Septic Modules (RSM) are inserted into existing septic tanks or new underground residential treatment tanks. RSR systems eliminate odor and biomat production, therefore significantly reducing periodic pumping of solids from the treatment tank.
Due to significant reduction in biomat production, these systems reduce plugging of the leach field. The quality of the treated wastewater enables reuse for irrigation and washwater, following disinfection by a UV unit or other disinfection treatments.
  • High surface area multi-media sustain high concentrations and high diversity of microbial systems
  • Proprietary aeration design enables highly energy efficient operation
  • Minimal H2S Odor Using custom-designed RSM systems, housing developments are provided with underground wastewater treatment for cluster homes
The treatment provides residential wastewater with better than required treatment levels such that outfall can be discharged to nearby waterways. 
IMET® technologies are also used for custom designed underground and aboveground residential wastewater treatment plants for larger housing developments.

Key Benefits:

  • Recovers leach field—septic system

  • Significant reduction of fecal coliform

  • Significant reduction of BOD and ammonia and nitrate nitrogen meeting NPDES requirements

  • RECYCLE for irrigation

  • RECHARGE collection systems and natural water resources

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