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The IMET® Technology works quickly, and utilizes minimal energy, creating a very efficient and cost effective solution to wastewater treatment.


Application Areas:

  • Grease interceptors

  •  Ponds, lakes, waterways

  • Wastewater treatment plants

  • Wastewater treatment systems

  • Lift stations

  • Septic systems

  • Golf courses



Detailed Technology Summary

IMET® technology biologically treats black and gray wastewater as well as industrial wastewaters using a very effective aerobic process. It is a modular system; therefore, it can be adaptable to any volume or space available to conduct wastewater treatment. The modular nature of the IMET® system also enables expansion of an existing treatment facility without moving walls.


The IMET® system is both economical and effective for retrofitting failing wastewater treatment systems due to its drop-in installation design.  The proprietary design of IMET® technology enables immobilization of diverse microorganisms at very high concentrations within each packed module.


The IMET® system reduces biological oxygen demand (BOD), chemical oxygen demand (COD), ammonia (NH3), nitrate (NO3), and nitrite (NO2). The unique design of the IMET® system also achieves high level reductions of biological carbon, nitrogen and phosphorous in the same tank. The IMET® system requires a small footprint to achieve the same or better treatment levels as compared to other existing wastewater treatment systems.


A major advantage of the IMET® technology is that it requires significantly low volumes of air to achieve the required wastewater treatment levels as compared to traditional wastewater treatment methods. The advantage of using very low volumes of air makes the IMET® system a very low energy user to achieve the required wastewater treatment.

Finally, one of the most unique results from using the IMET® technology, is that it produces minimal bio-sludge as compared to other traditional wastewater treatment methods.

IMET® Patented Wastewater Treatment System

IMET® Corporation has applications operating with remarkable success both in and outside of the U.S.  IMET® has developed a scalable technology, the IMET® System, which is utilized in pretreatment and treatment of domestic, municipal and commercial wastewater, resulting in:

  • Significant reduction in BOD/COD loading 

  • Substantial overall energy savings

  • Significant increase in quality of effluent

  • Re-use of treated water for irrigational, recreational and washing purposes

  • Reduction in required maintenance due to fats, oils, and grease

  • Significant reduction of odor

  • Increased capacity in existing infrastructure

  • Minimized sludge handling and disposal

  • Minimized line cleanouts

  • Significantly decreased corrosion maintenance

  • Elimination of the use of chemicals

  • Elimination of need for leach field replacement

  • Elimination of need for septic system replacement

  • Reduction in wastewater residence time at treatment plant


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