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Residential Applications

Individual Homes - Cluster Homes - Camps -  Ponds and Lakes -Park Pit Toilets - Golf Courses

Septic tanks are a part of many of our lives.  Over time they often fail, causing expensive pump-outs and in some cases repair and replacement. 

IMET®  Residential Septic Module (RSM) technology promise:


  • Recovers leach field – septic system

  • Converts system from anaerobic to aerobic

  • Eliminates H2S Odors

  • Significant reduction of fecal coliform

  • Significant reduction of BOD and ammonia and nitrate nitrogen, meeting NSF 40 and 245 requirements

  • Reclaims plugged leach field

  • RECYCLE for irrigation

  • RECHARGE collection systems, natural water resources

Commercial Applications

Islands - Resorts -  Restaurant Grease Interceptors -Pump Stations - Golf Courses - Swash Streams -  Farms - Wineries - Aquariums - Ponds - Lakes and Oceans

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) in grease traps represent the majority of problems experienced in wastewater generated by commercial facilities such as restaurants, bakeries, food processors, and poultry and animal farms.


IMET® Grease Interceptor Module (GIM) technology promise:


  • Accelerates the biological degradation of FOG in grease traps

  • Continuous inoculation of adapted aerobic microorganisms into downstream sewer lines

  • Significant reduction in corrosion in sewer lines and grease trap

  • Significant reduction of odor

  • Prevention of plugged sewer lines

Municipal Applications

Pump Stations - Wastewater Treatment Plants  - Collection Ponds - Swash Streams

IMET® municipal wastewater treatment systems are installed in both small- and large- scale municipalities


IMET® Lift Station Module (LSM) technology promise:


  • Significant reduction in energy costs

  • Reduction in maintenance costs

  • Reduce costs in pump overhauls

  • Significant reduction in clean-out frequency

  • Significant odor reduction

  • Significant reduction of FOG

  • Seeding of downstream sewer lines

  • Elimination of chemicals

  • No wash-out

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