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IMET® Technlogy At Work

Century Home, Ohio

® Technology was installed in a failing septi tank at a century home in Ohio.  The leach field was plugged and the home owner was tasked with an expensive decision.  Tear out the existing leach field and replace it with a sand mound system, or cut down forest area and make room for a new leach field.  The IMET team came in and installed the IMET technology directly into the septic system for a fraction of the cost and remediated both the existing septic system and the existing leach field.

Eton Town Center, Ohio

® technology was installed to demonstrate its ability to reduce FOG build up in the grease interceptor, reducing pump outs, while seeding downstream lines.  After installation the grease interceptor no longer required pump outs, the interceptor did not have grease build up and downstream lines became more clean as aerobic microbes were seeded.

Marriott Grease Interceptor, Hawaii

IMET®  Technology  was installed to significantly reduce odor, pump-out frequency, and maintenance at a ocean side grease interceptor at this 5-star resort.  After installation, the grease build up was significantly reduce, pump-outs virtually eliminated, and odor was no longer an issue.   

Marriott Lift Station, Hawaii

 The lift station is located near a high traffic area, tennis courts, and right below guest suites.  Installation took only a few hours, and the IMET
® technology is currently operating, significantly reducing odor, pump-out frequency, and maintenance.

Overnight Camp Trash Trap, Ohio

 IMET system was installed to eliminate heavy odors as well as build up of FOG and Sewage requiring frequent pump-outs.

Overnight Camp Pre-Treatment System , Ohio

 IMET system was approved by Ohio EPA as a pret-treatment solution for nitrogen reduction.  Not only did IMET technology reduce Nitrogen levels to required levels but also reduced COD from 365 ppm to 5 ppm in two tanks.

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