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The IMET technology will:

  1. Treat or pre-treat wastewater for reuse and recycle

  2. Create significant water cost savings

    • Decrease the amount of freshwater water needed to be purchased or created by way of desalinization​

  3. Create significant energy cost savings

    • ​Reduce energy use for onsite treatment plants​​

    • Reduce energy use in desalination processes by reducing make up water requiremnent via treated reusable water

  4. Have positive impact on coral and other marine life

    • Decrease amount of wastewater discharged by enabling for reuse and recycle

    • By treating or pre-treating wastewater discharged to the ocean, IMET technology can help decrease the negative impact on Marine and Coral life near underwater discharge​​​

Island communities are located in some of the most beautiful places on earth.  The beaches, weather and hospitality drive tourism from around the world to the wonderful geographical gems.

One of the biggest challenges that islands typically face is access to clean and fresh usable water.   On many islands, due to size and other restrictions, wastewater treatment facilities are minimal or non existent.  Wastewater from restaurant grease interceptors and black water from resorts, hotels, hospitals, and residences are often collected and then discharged into oceans and seas for nature to treat.


Natural systems found in oceans and seas can treat limited amounts of incoming waste, but over time and as populations grow and pollutants are continually introduced into these fragile habitats coral and other natural systems are overcome and the discharged wastewaters can cause harm to our waterways.


Additionally, it is not uncommon to see discharged wastewater wash onto shore in the form of grease balls, or measurably high levels of fecal coliform on our beaches.   Tourism is often affected as beaches are forced to temporarily close to collect grease balls that have washed on shore or to wait for bacteria levels in the water to return to safe levels.

Sending untreated or slightly treated wastewater into our waterways is not only dangerous for the environment but also costly, as it is impossible to reclaim fresh water from oceans without having to use processes like desalinization that are both costly and can create environmental challenges as well.

Onsite treatment that enables water reuse is a must in island communities and the IMET technology is designed specifically to be installed in existing infrastructure for that purpose.

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